With many year’s experience, and with over 150 installations of machinery worldwide, db automation can confidently fulfil any requirement you may have for injection moulding automation within the media packaging market.

We recognise that there are many different designs of media packaging on the market. However, with our experience in handling many of these products, comes the confidence that whatever your requirement, we have the solution for you.

db automation has the expertise to complete your special purpose machinery design in-house. By using the extensive experience and knowledge within the injection moulding industry we are able to consider all eventualities to ensure that your installation is as seamless as you would expect.

Multi Media Case Production System

With our experience in this market comes the confidence which we offer to our clients, that all of our designs are tried and tested and in many cases have been producing quality products for many years.

Our machinery is designed to accomodate multi impression stack mould tools, in order to maximise throughput and hence production.  With built in cooling buffers, our systems are ideal for a 24/7 production environment.

High Speed Take-out Robot
Servo Driven gantry robot

db automation strongly believes in supplying machinery that will exceed your expectations, and provide you with a reliable system that will outlive any payback period that you could consider.

The same philosophy is applied to small and large projects alike.

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