Disposable consumer products are a huge market in today’s society. These products need to be manufactured in high volume, consistently, to achieve your desired return.

db automation understands this, and ensures that every system fulfils its potential for your facility, maintaining high production figures with low reject counts.

Boasting efficiencies in the region of 99.5%, db automation’s machinery will become an essential element to your production output. Coupled with their unrivalled service and maintenance support, along with the spare parts supply they are committed to keeping your systems in production 24/7, maximising your product quality and your eventual return.

db automation will automate your labour intensive process, ensuring quality levels improve as well as out-put figures. Reducing staffing costs will enable you to see high return on investment in a relatively short period, making justification for capital investment more straight forward.

Clothes hanger manufacturing system

Automated handling

End of Arm Tooling EOAT

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