C.F.R Robot

The Compact Flexible Robot (C.F.R.) has been specifically designed and developed to provide exceptionally high speeds, with a high level of flexibility to adapt to a multitude of different products.




The C.F.R. uses an articulated swing arm motion to produce a linear entry movement into the mould area. By using this specific motion the floor space required for this unit is reduced in comparison to a conventional side entry unit.


The flexibility offered by the robot can be attributed to its practical design concept. It is easily adaptable to cope with a wide range of products, and can be integrated with ease to a variety of IMM machines and manufacturers. Highest yields on cycle time savings can be seen by utilising the robot for products with significant depth, which makes the most out of the dynamic nature of the unit. Capable of a range of payloads the unit is perfectly suited to the application requirements.


By using the very latest in high performance servo controlled motions, the C.F.R. can comfortably achieve take-out times down to 200 milliseconds, and with integrated down-stream hand-over mechanisms the cell will achieve stand-by to stand-by cycle times of 5 seconds.

The Flexible robot is designed with a secondary axis which provides the de-mould stroke suited directly to deep products. The de-mould stroke is configured such that the movement follows the opening of the IMM platens and at the point of suitable clearance the robot will swing into the mould area, collecting the finished product usually prior to the mould tool reaching its fully open position.

This dynamic process results in reduced cycle times, increased production yields and improved cell performance. 


db automation’s philosophy of simplified concepts constructed using robust mechanics and reliable components, ensures that this unit, as with all our designs, has reduced down-time and extended periods between routine maintenance.

Along with this superb solution, db automation can easily complete your requirements for a full turn-key solution suited to your plant layout. Our extensive experience and overall attention to detail is a major advantage which we offer to all clients.

db automation appreciates only too well the rigors of 24/7 manufacturing facilities, and with this in mind all of our machinery is designed from first principles to withstand this production environment. Our equipment, which is still in production worldwide after in excess of 12 years is a perfect example of this quality and reliability.

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