New Bowl Feeder System Completed!

Tuesday October 4, 2016 at 2:55pm
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DB-Automation have recently designed, built and shipped a bowl feeder system for a new client who contacted us with a specific requirement.
We received all the relevant details of the component and feed rate required for a clip whereby the distance between the parts at the end of the process were critical. The specification was that parts had to be spaced 30mm +/- 0.6mm apart at the end of the track ready for pick up. We came up with a couple of ideas of the best way to do this, and once talking it through, agreed on using a twin track linear feeder to move 2 lanes of parts side by side and would then use an end nest to hold one and a half parts in a slot. This slot holds them at the required distance ready for 2 parts to be picked up at the same time to move to the next stage of the process.

Initially we envisaged this project to be fairly straight forward but as the technicians worked through this, it became to be a bit more challenging that we first thought! However, we worked together with the client explaining some difficulties we were experiencing and we asked them to visit us so we could show them the stage we were at and just how close we were to completing the project.
It was only less than a week after that we were able to invite the client back for a second visit for the FAT and as they were very impressed with what they were observing, the project was signed off within the morning. By the end of the FAT, we had also exceeded the required feed rate of 20ppm.

There have been discussions of a second bowl feeder for the same product where we can work with the client to discuss ways of improving the design of the component to make it easier to feed in the future.
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