Do we offer Bowl Feeder Re-tool or Re-lining service?

Wednesday November 5, 2014 at 8:44am
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The short answer is YES!

More and more clients are asking if we offer a re-tooling service for used bowl feeders to allow for the feeding of a completely new of modified component.  This is a service which we offer to all clients.  The bowl feeder can be of virtually any original manufacturer and generally this is a very cost effective way of re-using older equipment which might otherwise sit in storage gathering dust.

The scale of the re-tool always varies and firstly we would make an assessment of the equipment and advise if the re-tool is possible.  Various options are usually offered for the re-tooling and we can discuss these with you and help you to select the most suitable option.

Also over time the internal linings on bowl feeders become worn or sometimes damaged and this can have a huge effect on the feeding efficiency of vibratory bowl feeders.

For units with worn or damaged internal lining, we also offer a re-lining and re-coating facility to return your equipment to original condition.

If you have any requirements for re-tooling unused or older equipment please call one of our team who will be happy to listen to your requirements.

01455 289 842

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