Side Entry Robot

Often the success of an automated injection moulding production cell, hinges on the interruption time introduced by the automated de-mould equipment. Conventional Cartesian de-mould robotics will create a delay in the moulding process of in excess of 1.5 seconds, while the product is taken out of the mould.

Essential to achieving short cycle times is minimising the delay to production while the robot axis is within the mould.

db automation specialise in the design and manufacture of high speed side entry robotics. By utilising fully optimised servo driven axes, take-out times can be reduced to below 0.5 seconds. The reduction in the delay to the injection moulding equipment allows for exceptionally short cycle times.

We have a world renowned reputation for supplying high specification injection moulding robotics. Our clients benefit from the robust and high speed nature of all of our equipment, and the integration of this equipment within an injection moulding cell provides reliable, high yield production facilities.

Over the years we have developed specific robotics to suit a wide variety of applications. By either using one of our standard formats or by designing bespoke equipment, we are able to fulfil your requirements for injection moulding automation.

Our linear beam side entry robotic axis is ideal for high speed applications where further downstream automation is required and where the cell footprint is not limited. By using our experience of integration with all of the major Injection Moulding Machine (IMM) manufacturers, we can achieve standard take-out times of down to 0.5 seconds.

This style of high performance linear robotics can be adapted to suit endless applications where automated de-mould robots are required.

Where space is restricted within the production cell, our Compact Flexible Robot (CFR) is an ideal solution. The design of the system is such that the take-out axis of the robot swings through an arc in order to enter the moulding area. With this format it is possible to achieve reduced take-out times to below 0.5 seconds.

Possible enhancements to this equipment allow for the real time tracking of the IMM platen position in order that the take-out robot may enter the mould area as soon as the tool allows enough access, and before the IMM is fully open. This application is ideal for deep products where the tool opening distance is excessive.

Downstream automation can be incorporated onto any of the side entry robots to complete the production process. Many more application examples can be seen on further request.
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