Developed for the closures market is a unique and innovative method for reducing cycle time and increasing the productivity of the ‘closures’ moulding process.

We realise that just like all injection moulding processes, the key to increased production is short mould open times, optimised de-mould movements and efficient processes.

With this design brief we developed a system which would fulfil all of these requirements.
Servo driven closures robot

System Benefits:

  • Faster than ‘free fall’ due to reduced mould opening.
  • The latest ‘Optimised Servo’ technology maximises cycle time savings.
  • Reduction of the risk of product and mould damage with integrated part take-out verification.
  • Easily integrated into existing equipment, utilising current down-stream facilities.
  • Improves the handling of ‘reduced weight’ design products, avoiding the issues of free-fall and low weight products.
  • Very compact installation footprint.
The innovative robotic solution is ultra-fast through the use of high dynamic servo control systems and the use of advanced composite materials and is highly efficient by utilising intelligent interfacing with the mould machine along with precise control algorithms.

The solution is configurable to your needs, allowing for many different mould tool layouts including stack mould configuration.

This system nestles neatly beneath the platen of the mould tool, and with the mould machine interface the robot enters during the open stroke, removes the product, utilising vacuum handling, and then ejects this after the down stroke into the collection area.

Closures mould tool Closures robot vacuum pads

With the controlled collection of parts, this method is faster and more efficient than free-fall, as opening strokes are minimised, the optimised servo control functions developed give the best cycle time savings and hence a greater throughput of parts.

Featuring built in product removal verification the risk of damage to the mould and the product is minimised, and this method also offers component count for production records.

Due to the compact design this system is easily integrated into existing systems, by utilising the free space beneath the mould machine and the existing out-feed method.

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