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Breaking news!

DB-Automation acquires the rights from Premier Bowl Feeders.

DB-Automation is delighted to announce that it has recently acquired the rights to manufacture bowl feeders and associated feeding elements previously produced as Premier Bowl Feeders.

The relationship between the teams at the two companies dates back more than 30 years when two members used to work together manufacturing and tooling bowl feeders. The common values and beliefs shared back then have not been forgotten and both companies have worked closely on a number of projects throughout the years to supply injection moulding automation with integrated feeding systems.

When DB-Automation approached Premier Bowl feeders it was evident that the quality and workmanship displayed in the equipment manufactured at Premier was exceptional, this aligned perfectly with the beliefs of DB-Automation, that all equipment should be manufactured to the highest possible standards in order for it satisfy completely.

From the premises in Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, all aspects of the product range are now supplied under the DB-Automation brand. The highest quality and excellent support standards that many clients globally are accustomed to and have come to expect are maintained.

The skill and craftsmanship within the team at Premier bowl feeders has not been lost and the key members from Premier have joined the strong team at DB-Automation to further add to the skills on offer.

This new division to the company provides a product range that immediately extends the expertise on offer from DB-Automation. Now, along with the high speed de-mould and take-out robots we can fully integrate equipment for bowl feeding components both for pre or post moulding operations, as well as stand-alone feeding systems for all industries including end users and OEM’s alike.

However, the integration does not stop there. The plans over the next 12 months for the re-development of the bowl feeding products will see the addition of far more units into the currently strong range and this fits perfectly with the philosophy of DB-Automation for continuous, never ending improvement.

For more information on the whole product range available at DB-Automation please contact Nick on +44(0)1455 289 842.

High Performance Injection Moulding Automation. 

DB-Automation are experts in the field of high speed de-mould robotics and downstream automation.

We believe strongly in supplying quality, robust machinery designed and built to the bespoke requirements and expectations of each and every client.

From our facility in Leicestershire, we design, build, programme and test all of our machinery to the exacting standards that we promise to our clients. Our reputation for our machinery and even more so our dedication to each project has earned us respect with plastics companies’ throughout the world.

     Our Equipment.

By incorporating the very latest in technology into our robotic systems we provide unrivalled levels of performance. Our linear robots are renowned for being among the fastest in the industry, with many of our machines achieving cycle times below the initial requirements. 

     Complete Integration.

The overall success of the complete system is only made possible by developing partnerships and working relationships with all suppliers and providers of the equipment within the cell. By creating strong relationships with injection moulding machine suppliers, tool makers and ancillary equipment providers, we can ensure complete seamless integration of the entire production cell.

     Bespoke Design.

Every system designed by us is dedicated to the requirements of our clients and the needs of the application. Throughout our rigorous design process we use the latest 3D design package to produce a system tailored to each and every application.

     Our Customers.

The commitment we give to our customers stems from our belief in developing partnerships and fulfilling the needs of our clients through our philosophy of continuous, never ending improvement.

     Our Guarantee to you: 

We will continue to support you and your machinery indefinitely!

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